The development of the latest version with the capability of reading up to 16 text files has made it possible to prepare specialized *.html files such as used in a users manual. In particular, an effort to rebuild the user’s manual for the Programmable Software Development Environment using the tool is progressing.

The software parts needed to prepare the table of contents and a page with one or more paragraphs have been completed.

The remaining tasks are 1) Bullet Lists, 2) Numbered Lists and 3) an upgrade to facilitate the entry of header information: Book Title, Version, Copyright, and contact information.  In particular, a single entry point for the entire book is needed.  This can be easily accomplished with the Post Office Commands.

As in all of my development activities, strict portability between the Linux and Windows operating systems is being rigorously maintained.  Strict portability greatly reduces the effort and cost associated with upgrading the operating system or replacing the computer.

I have worked on either system with all of the defining files on a Flash Drive. Soon I will be able to operate exclusive off of a large flash drive which includes the operating system.


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