ERROR CAUSE–2010/07/19

The following error has been encountered while doing the *.html software parts development

PCG ERROR: Precfile — 1675
PCG ERROR: Precfile — 1569
PCG ERROR: Precfile — 1292
PCG ERROR: precoper — 1737
PCG ERROR: precsrce — 597
PCG ERROR: srcproj  — 2281
PCG ERROR: devproj  — 1507
PCG ERROR: mainprj  — 1281
PCG ERROR: explrpde — 168

The error resulted from a system error condition.  Specifically, while processing a text file, the system routine “ftell” returned the -1 error status. Furthermore, a single Line Feed character was read by system routine “fgets”.

I have read a lot of text files by the precfile routine which uses these routine and have experienced no difficulties until this event.  Several questions still remain unanswered:

1.  Did the way that I transferred the manual text file to this file create the problem. I believe that I may have directly copied it from the FireFox screen and cleaned it up afterwards. (I need to learn again to never do this!).

2.  Did I encounter a system problem.

3.  Is there some specific processing problem in precfile.

I have made a error reporting patch so that I can easily identify and explore this situation.  I believe that my text transfer method may have created the error. I need to explore this situation to determine the correct solution to this problem.

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