ERROR UPDATE–2010/07/19

The following error has been encountered while doing the *.html software parts development

PCG ERROR: Precfile — 1675
PCG ERROR: Precfile — 1569
PCG ERROR: Precfile — 1292
PCG ERROR: precoper — 1737
PCG ERROR: precsrce — 597
PCG ERROR: srcproj  — 2281
PCG ERROR: devproj  — 1507
PCG ERROR: mainprj  — 1281
PCG ERROR: explrpde — 168

The error resulted from a system error condition.  Specifically, while processing a text file, the system routine “ftell” returned the -1 error status. Furthermore, a single Line Feed character was read by system routine “fgets”.

I decided to replace the text read routine “fgets” for the binary routine function “fread” and manage the sequential reading of the text file myself.

This effort resulted in a significant surprise.  Specifically, the format of a text file is a bit informal.  Sometimes the line is terminated by a CRLF and sometimes it is terminated by just a LF alone.  This may be caused by the fact that I have a strict portability requirement between the Linux and Windows operating system and have used the files on both systems.  It is also interesting to note that both systems appear to be reasonably tolerant of both forms.

To maintain my strict portability requirement, I redesigned the text file input routine to accept both formats.  This appears to be functional in the Windows environment. I will now test it in Linux Environment.


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