The following error has been encountered while doing the *.html software parts development

PCG ERROR: Precfile — 1675
PCG ERROR: Precfile — 1569
PCG ERROR: Precfile — 1292
PCG ERROR: precoper — 1737
PCG ERROR: precsrce — 597
PCG ERROR: srcproj  — 2281
PCG ERROR: devproj  — 1507
PCG ERROR: mainprj  — 1281
PCG ERROR: explrpde — 168

The error resulted from a system error condition.  Specifically, while processing a text file, the system routine “ftell” returned the -1 error status. Furthermore, a single Line Feed character was read by system routine “fgets”.

I decided to replace the text read routine “fgets” for the binary routine function “fread” and manage the sequential reading of the text file myself.

This effort resulted in a significant surprise.  Specifically, the format of a text file is a bit informal.  Sometimes the line is terminated by a CRLF and sometimes it is terminated by just a LF alone.  To maintain my strict portability requirement, I redesigned the text file input routine to accept both formats.  This appears to be functional in both the Windows and Linux Ubuntu 9.04-32bit and Ubuntu 9.10-64 bit environments.

The _STATE_READ_TEXT command needs to be tested and updated as necessary.   This will be
done incidentally to the development of the *.html standard software parts kits.  I expect to publish the new version in about a week.

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