The user’s manual for the Programmable Software Development Environment using the tool is now being prepared.  all of the pages associated with the Introduction have been completed.

The effort to build a resume using the tool has been progressing.  The two biggest challenges are 1) to prepare a process that is strictly portable between an *.html and *.txt files; and 2) render the document “printer-friendly”.

I performed a number of experiments to determine whether strict portability was achievable between Firefox in an Windowns NT environment and in a Linux (UBUNTU 904, UBUNTU 910) environment. In particular, could the printouts could be made functionally identical.  I determined that this was not achievable. The presentation of the web-page is defined in part by the web-browser and available fonts.  In particular, the printed pages were not always the same.

The text file appears to be the only way to build documents that are strictly portable from printing point of view. Most job sites accept the digital resume in either a *.doc or a *.txt file.  The *.txt file has been around a long time and hence it will the easiest to control the printed text. The next major task is to build an equivalent software parts library for the creation of a properly formatted equivalent text file.

As I have mentioned before, strict potability is a non-negotiable requirement of my efforts.  The *.html software development process and parts are strictly portable between the Linux Ubuntu 904-32 bit, Linux Ubuntu 919 64-bit and Windows XP professional operating system.  The creation of the *.txt file instead of the *.html file must not require any revisions of document definitions files and I am certain that I can accomplish this goal.

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