The development of the latest version with the capability of reading up to 16 text files has made it possible to prepare specialized *.html files such as used in a users manual. In particular, an effort to rebuild the user’s manual for the Programmable Software Development Environment using the tool is progressing.

It has also become apparent that this technology may be useful in the preparation of resumes. These documents are different than the manual in a very significant way:  The manual is a collection of single page files coupled together by a system of linkages where as the resume is
usually a single multi-page document,  Furthermore, an *.html file is usually not accepted.

A resume written in a *.txt file format is universally accepted.  A new standard software parts library is needed. Furthermore, the text file resume often needs to be pasted into a window on a web-site. The text file resume format is different in this case.  Specifically, each paragraph of the resume is one long line in the text file.

Currently, the maximum length of each line in the files generated by the Programmable Software
Development Environment is 256 characters.  Consequently, this tool is not currently capable of preparing a resume to be pasted into a window on a web-site.  A new version of this tool is currently being developed which will eliminated this restriction thus rendering the resume generation process strictly portable between a printer-friendly file and a website paste-in file.

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