A critical goal of the Programmable Software Development Environment is strict portability between operating systems and source languages.

The current focus is strict portability between a C++ and C# design environment. Specifically, the exact same source definition files must be able to produce functionally identical C++ or C# source files of an error-free product.

Strict compliance with the ISO-9001 requirement for standard methods and processes can only be accomplished by single point definitions.  This can be accomplished by a set of standard software parts libraries and communication mailboxes.

In the set of standards that I am developing, every class will have one associated data structure.  This data structure will either passed to class routines as parameter or be an element of the class.

Development of the Standard Software Parts libraries for defining a data structure is progressing.    The strictly portable standards associated with the basic data elements and those associated with a class data structure have been defined.

The operating system data types is being considered.  Currently, the operating system data types being considered are the string, input and output text file, and the binary file.

Unfortunately, these data types can be included in a C++ struct but not in a C## struct. Currently, it is my plan to pass these data types to the class generation step for inclusion into the class along with the data structure.  This will be accomplished by communication mailboxes.

I am currently considering adding C and Basic to my portability research effort.

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