SATURDAY: A major portability problem has been encountered in the Includes library.  Strict portability demands that functionally identical cpp, c, csharp, vbasic source files from exactly the same source generations file.  Unfortunately, the inclusion of system routines requires a different number of references.  In C and C++, there are a varying number of “#include” statements.  In C#, a large number of system routines can be accessed by the “using system;”. I plan to divide the system includes category into a collection of sub-categories. Multiple references to the same system statement will not result in multiple lines in the output source code.

SUNDAY: The C++ and C# Includes libraries have been modified and tested for stand-along use.

MONDAY: The C and VBasic Includes libraries have been modified and tested for stand-along use.

TUESDAY: The C++, C, C#, and VBasic Typedef libraries have been modified by the corresponding Includes library and tested for stand-alone use.

THURSDAY: The development of the Class Base library has been restarted. The following three class types are included: service class; client_class; and the main_class. The service class, where its client owns the data, is currently being developed. Integration with the includes library and typedef library for C++ and C# has been accomplished.

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