Economical Rigorous Software Testing at All Levels

The ability to thoroughly and economically test software work-products at all levels is a necessary requirement of the error-free software development process.  The Programmable Software Development Environment has a Monte-Carlo (random generator) based test system which is capable of satisfying this requirement.

Historically, this tool has been very difficult to set up and hence has only been experimentally use. Recently, a library of software parts has been developed which greatly simplifies its use. As a consequence, it is being successfully used in the checkout and formal testing required in my portable software development research and development activity.

This blog will be used to focus upon on my test related research and development efforts.

MONDAY: One of my minor project is the development of a cryptographic software parts library for securing of various text files. A requirement of this cryptographic software parts library is to reliably error-out if the wrong key was used during decryption. The desire to thoroughly test this library caused me to seriously update the concept.

TUESDAY: The revised version of the cryptographic software parts library has been prepared and is ready for a comprehensive test.

THURSDAY: The revised version of the cryptographic software parts library has been functionally tested.  The testing process will continue.

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