The activity associated with the maintenance of Programmable Software Development Environment Manual be presented here. Of critical importance is the use of strictly portable (Win32, Linux) standard methods for preparing the associated “*.html” files.

MONDAY: An additional page in the PROJECT FILE section was needed before the The “COMMAND SEQUENCE” page could be updated.  This page titled “COMMAND LINE REPORT FILE” provides an overview of the new command line reporting capabilities that have been added to the Programmable Software Development Environment. It has been successfully added to the “PROJECT FILE” section of the Manual. I should now be able to modify the  “COMMAND SEQUENCE” page.

TUESDAY: The “COMMAND SEQUENCE” page of the PROJECT FILE section has been modified.   The “Display Command” page will next be moved to a dedicated sub-directory.

THURSDAY: The “Display Command” has been successfully moved to a dedicated sub-directory.  The “_SET_TAB Command” page will be moved next to a dedicated sub-directory.

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