Development of Presentations

The activity associated with development of presentation documents that can be used over the Internet or in a group meeting.

I met Tisha Silvers, a Marketing Strategist on a LinkedIn Group Discussion. She show sufficient interest in my technology that I eventually wrote her a recommendation.

I wrote her recommendation with my resume development application (software parts library). I subsequently offered to show her how I wrote this document. I felt that this might be easiest way for her to relate to my technology. She accepted this plan.

I chose my manual development application as the means of preparing this presentation. This application builds documents in the HTML file format. These files can be presented over the Internet, at a group meeting using a projecting computer, and can be printed for further reference.

I will present my presentation development activities on this blog.

PRESENTATION FRIDAY ACTIVITY: The presentation project was set up and the files defining her recommendation were converted to the HTML format.  It is planned to first present how it worked on a real document.

PRESENTATION SATURDAY ACTIVITY: The overall outline, i.e., the table of contents, was prepared.

PRESENTATION MONDAY ACTIVITY: The purpose page of the resume development application was prepared. Of particular importance is its capability to easily customize the document and to have an output file that can be easily pasted into a web-site.

PRESENTATION TUESDAY ACTIVITY: The defining files page of the resume development application was prepared. I need to think about what the next page will be.  It could be a “Rules of the Road” page or the first of three document defining files. It is important to note that I do not directly write documents; I design them in a similar manner as I design software.

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