Development of Presentations

The activity associated with development of presentation documents that can be used over the Internet or in a group meeting.

I met Tisha Silvers, a Marketing Strategist on a LinkedIn Group Discussion. She show sufficient interest in my technology that I eventually wrote her a recommendation.

I wrote her recommendation with my resume development application (software parts library). I subsequently offered to show her how I wrote this document. I felt that this might be easiest way for her to relate to my technology. She accepted this plan.

I chose my manual development application as the means of preparing this presentation. This application builds documents in the HTML file format. These files can be presented over the Internet, at a group meeting using a projecting computer, and can be printed for further reference.

I will present my presentation development activities on this blog.

PRESENTATION WEDNESDAY ACTIVITY: I have completed the first rough draft version of the presentation and have sent a copy of it to Tisha Silvers for her comments.  If anyone desires to get a copy, please provide me with your email address and I will send you a copy.

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