Can Programming Be Strictly Portable Relative To Language?

The activity associated with development of strictly portable methods of software development will be presented here. Included in this Portability effort will be Windows based C, C++, C#, and Visual Basic; and Linux based C and C++.

FRIDAY:  The certification / common name issues of the includes software parts library will be reexamined and the development process re-planned.

MONDAY: A re-examination of the common class base software parts revealed the basic challenge. The act of referring to a class another class (sub-class) involves a number of sets of commands; i.e., the sub-class includes, sub-class typedefs, and sub-class data structure. The basic problem is that all of the include instructions must be executed first, then all of the typedef instructions next, and so forth. A script call instruction can satisfy this requirement. The next task will be to implement and test an appropriate certification command. This effort will be reported in the utility blog.

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