Development of Utility Libraries

The activity associated with development of utility software parts libraries will be presented here.

CERTIFICATION BLOG: Inorder to certify that a product has been developed in strict compliance with the specified standards and has not been patched, pseudo-random longitudinal parity bits must be included in source code in the form of comments. These comments can be at the end of each line (C, C++, C#), at the beginning of each line (HTML), or at the end of each statement (Visual Basic).  This blog will present the research and development section associated with upgrading the existing output library to facilitate both the generation and the testing of all three forms of product source code.

CERTIFICATION FRIDAY ACTIVITY: I reexamined the program output software parts library and I learned that 1) it is not being used in any current applications and 2) is very obsolete. It was developed over 10 years ago when I was not considering portability and certification. Furthermore, although it has been extensively used, it has not been formally tested. It is now time to perform this development and formal test effort.

CERTIFICATION SATURDAY ACTIVITY: The development process has been started and a significant challenge was discovered. It is important to make the selection to write a file or certify a file as simple and transparent as possible.  It is currently planned to make this decision in the source sub-task file.  If the  subject files are input files, they will be certified. If the subject files are output files, they will be written.

CERTIFICATION THURSDAY ACTIVITY: The development of the basic output / certification library is progressing without incidence. Certification at this level is accomplished on a line by line basis. Instead of writing the line in an output file, it is compared for equality with a line in the input file. An error will be reported if this comparison fails. This library should be ready for test soon after the Thanksgiving holidays.

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