Development of Utility Libraries

The activity associated with development of utility software parts libraries will be presented here.

CERTIFICATION BLOG: Inorder to certify that a product has been developed in strict compliance with the specified standards and has not been patched, pseudo-random longitudinal parity bits must be included in source code in the form of comments. These comments can be at the end of each line (C, C++, C#), at the beginning of each line (HTML), or at the end of each statement (Visual Basic).  This blog will present the research and development section associated with upgrading the existing output library to facilitate both the generation and the testing of all three forms of product source code.

CERTIFICATION THURSDAY ACTIVITY: I have now completed my Thanksgiving trip and will restart my research / development activities. Questions that will be considered is the certification of the paste oriented document files in which each paragraph is a long single line. It may be desireable to upgrade the Programmable Software Development Environment to make this possible.


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