Open Source Software Development Tool: Upgrade Progress

It is planned to upgrade the Programmable Software Development Environment to include the capability of reading the paste-in text files where the each paragraph is one very long line.

The ability to read the paste-in text file is needed to certify that the file has not been changed, was developed using the agree-upon standard libraries, or has not been illegally copied.

FRIDAY: 2013/01/25 ************************************************

STATUS: It occurred to me last night that both the reading and the writing of the paste-in text file can be accomplished by one command each; i.e., _READ_SEGMENT and _WRITE_SEGMENT.

DETAIL: The biggest challenge is that multiple use of the command is required to write / read the line. Specifically, writing of the line will not be complete until the Line-feed character is written.

NEXT TASK: Plan the changes to precfile.cpp that will be necessary to implement a one command implementation of the writing and reading of a long paste-line text file line.

THURSDAY: 2013/01/31 ************************************************

STATUS: Each of the text file output commands write a complete line. Each of the text file input commands read a complete line.

DETAIL: The buffer output command set assembles the segments into a temporary file and then when completed, transfer the entire line to the selected output file.

RESULTS: The property of reading or writing a text file one line at a time is important to preserve.  The Write Buffer commands will not be functionally changed.

NEXT TASK: Plan the upgrade to the precfile of the Programmable Software Development Environment to render the read utilities previously developed accessible from the precoper class.

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