Open Source Software Development Tool: Upgrade Progress

It is planned to upgrade the Programmable Software Development
Environment to include the capability of reading the paste-in text
files where the each paragraph is one very long line.

The ability to read the paste-in text file is needed to certify that
the file has not been changed, was developed using the agree-upon
standard libraries, or has not been illegally copied.

TUESDAY: 2013/02/26

STATUS: Modifications to precfile.cpp to correct an error reporting
inadequacy have been successfully implemented. The error message was
“Illegal First Character”.

DETAIL: One of the most difficult design challenges is error reporting.
An error occurred that was very difficult to find and correct based on
the error message.

RESULTS: The error message now includes the associated text line.

NEXT TASK: The process of selecting a set of commands will be restarted.


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