Can Programming Be Strictly Portable Relative To Language?

The activity associated with development of strictly portable methods
of software development will be presented here. Included in this
Portability effort will be Windows based C, C++, C#, and Visual Basic;
and Linux based C and C++.

FRIDAY: 2013/03/01

STATUS: The preparation of the software parts for defining a format has

DETAIL: These routines will define a script that when run will define
the script that defines the format. This is required because the format
is defined in a different sequence that required for its execution.

RESULTS: Using a script to define a script is a difficult effort. To
facilitate its checkout, software parts that contain calls to the
required script definition software parts is required. This will make
the full debugging capabilities to be enabled during checkout.

NEXT TASK: The development of the format definition software parts will

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