Can Programming Be Strictly Portable Relative To Language?

The activity associated with development of strictly portable methods
of software development will be presented here. Included in this
Portability effort will be Windows based C, C++, C#, and Visual Basic;
and Linux based C and C++.

SATURDAY: 2013/03/30

STATUS: I reconsidered the line indentation requirements and found that
my original conception was sadly lacking.

DETAIL: My apologies, It has been over a week since I have looked at
this project. There is only one of me.  It appears that an alias must
be assigned to an indentation in a similar manner as has been done for
a column number. These indentation aliases would be included in the
definition of a format.   This would probably be done at the beginning
of the format definition. These indentations would be incremented /
decremented during the execution phase.

NEXT TASK:   The software part for associating an alias with a specific
indentation and setting the indentation at a beginning value is the
first step.  This will be accomplished in the setup phase of this
library at the same time as the columns are defined.


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