President Obama, We can help each other


A 17 year old sailor on a submarine must be able to fix a critical
piece of electronic equipment within 15 minutes. Critical submarine
hardware has the required subsystems to facilitate the location of a
failed replaceable components.

Most hardware these days has at least one computer within it.  This
includes critical submarine systems. Can the same 17 year old sailor on
a submarine find and correct a critical software failure within 15

Does software “break”?  Not really. but software fails when it
illegally or  incorrectly writes some data. Programmers have many ways
of preventing illegal writes which they use in checkout and then remove
before delivery.

Including these illegal write prevention techniques into the
enforceable ISO-9001 standards would greatly improve the quality of the
software product

A hardware analog is the basis of my technology.  The “Software Parts”
concept helps me to be strictly compliant with the Enforceable
Standards Requirement of ISO-9001.

I am semi-retired free-lance software engineer with hardware
engineering experience.  I specialize in error-free software
development. To provide this service, I developed a set of personal
tools.  They are available free-of-charge from my web-site.

These tools and their defining technology enabled me to develop product
at my home in strict compliance with principles of ISO-9001.

A home-based software development business can compute very favorable
with foreign firms. Working at home greatly reduces the commuting cost
and overhead of the employer. A company can get Set-Aside benefits from
a home-based business which might be staffed by a former employee.

My technology and tools can be very helpful in solving our employment
and economic problems. I need your help to make it so.  Please look at
my web-site. I will greatly appreciate your ideas.

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