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Computer Disaster Recovery Process

May 31, 2013

My apologies for not writing sooner.

My rebuilt Hewlett Packard machine arrived and appears to be operational.  Yesterday, I spend the whole day setting up the machine, the switching system for the display, keyboard, and mouse, and the internet.

The download process has been difficult. So far, I have downloaded OpenOffice and  Firefox.  I am currently downloading Microsoft Visual Studio Express.  If it will make command line executables, I will have have established a operational baseline..

Computer Disastor Recovery Progress.

May 29, 2013

FedEx  has stated that I should be receiving my new Windows Machine today.  Once, I receive this machine, I can begin to complete this recovery process.

On my Firefox Web Browser, there is a Web-Site development tool.  It may be possible to upgrade my web-site using this tool.  Furthermore, there is a Firefox Web Browser for the Windows machine.  It also will probably have the Web-Site development tool.  That will result in a Portable Web-Site development process.  I will be able to eliminate my need of FrontPage.   I still have a Web-Development process using my Programmable Software Development Environment. It may not have to be on my recovery efforts.

I am beginning to review my blog activities.  Fairly soon, I expect to be able to get back to a normal publishing process.  Recovery will continue for a while; however, things are coming back to normal.  After this is all done, I am considering writing a disaster recovery seminar.

Disaster Recovery Status

May 27, 2013

Progress with managing my accounts using the Open source spreadsheet continues.  Both of high usage credit cards have been brought up to date.

Each day TomBoy is being more useful as a planning/reporting system.  The fact that it produces an *.html output file may provide me with the opportunity of using the OpenOffice document as its portable substitute.  More on this latter.

Another big problem is Front Page.  If it cannot be installed on my new machine, I will have to restart my Programmable Software Development Environment web-site development program.  I may be able to get a Linux version to work until it is done.

Progress in my efforts to upgrade my downloadable Programmable Software Development Environment continues.  I am almost at the position that I was when my Hewlett Packard machine crashed.  When I get the new machine, I will attempt to re-install my Visual Studio program.  If unsuccessful, I will install the express versions which I think will be able to develop my command line programs.

I may receive the new machine on Wednesday of this week.

Computer Disaster Recovery Status

May 26, 2013

The recovery process continues.

I have completed the converting a critical credit card Quickbook account to a spreadsheet account.  Another high use credit card must be converted.

I have started to upgrade the Linux Programmable Software Development Environment.  So far, this is going smoothly.

Linux’s Tomboy Notes is a fairly decent planning and documentation system.  As far as I know, there is no portable equivalent in Windows.  It does produce *.html output files.  Therefore, I believe that there is an appropriate link for my efforts to build a portable system.

The new machine has not arrived yet.

Computer Failure Recovery Status

May 24, 2013

My attempts to find a low cost (free), open source task/scheduling software that was portable between Windows and Linux was unsuccessful. I can get low cost software for the Windows machine; and I may be able to find some usable Linux software; but as far as I can tell, there was nothing available for both machines.  I am currently using TomBoy Notes on my Linux machine.  This program does produce HTML files that will be readable on the Windows machine.  I am not sure how useful it is going to be.  I am probably going to have to develop a program with my programmable software development tools.

The accounting recovery activity is going forward smoothly.  The replacement of QuickBooks by OpenOffice appears to be practical.


Disaster Recovery Progress Report

May 23, 2013

Relative to reconstructing  my accounting computer activity, It is now time to pay a credit card.  An Additional spread-sheet pages will be needed and its preparation will be next.  As a side note, all of my accounts are accessible on the internet and I can in real time confirm the successful payment of any bill or receipt of any payment.  The formal reconciliation of the account is no longer necessary.  Currently, I have applying this
verification method on my checking account.  I will now perform it on my credit cards also.  The reconciliation function of QuickBooks will no longer be needed.

I may be able to use the spreadsheet for my planning/log needs.  I have been currently using a very inexpensive and woefully inadequate Windows-based Program to accomplish this task.  If I can access text files from a cell, a much more efficient planning/logging process will be available.  More on this later.

I am aggressively pursuing Portability between the computers that are available to me (My Linux machine, the Windows-based computer at my sweetheart’s house, and my new Windows machine). Portability means that I can plug in flash drive and be able to perform my tasks normally.

Machine Failure Recovery Progress Report

May 22, 2013

I plan to start preparing the Open Office  Spread Sheet Template files today.  I want to get back on air as soon as possible from an accounting point of view.  The check book template will be prepared first.



May 22, 2013

I have just received the bad new from the computer repair man. The machine cannot be repaired. I am not terribly disappointed.  This  was a rebuilt machine that lasted for five years.  I have order another one which should arrive in about a week.

What happens when I get it.   The first program that I plan to install is QuickBooks.  I hope that it does install properly; I don’t want to have to use my “beat-up” notebook computer.  Either way, I will export the files to a spreadsheet program.  Then I can use Open Office on the Linux machine.

The second program to be installed will be Microsoft Visual Studio, the third with be the Earthlink Protection Centre, and the fourth will be a new version of Open Office.

Why do I not load the Earthlink Protection software first?  I use my Linux machine on the internet, not my Windows machine. I will connect theinternet to the new machine when I need to make a download and no other time.


May 21, 2013

As I am approaching my potential need to replace my Windows based machine, I am reviewing my selection of critical software.

One of these programs is QuickBooks.  I like this program; however as far as I know, it has no Linux version.  Furthermore, I do not know if it is upward compatible (works on a later Windows operating system).  I do have a very beat-up notebook computer which
has this program installed.  As soon as know the status of my broken machine, I will export my financial data into an EXCEL format and use OPEN OFFICE for this activity.  Open office has both a Windows and Linux version.   I have both versions and am quite happy with them.  I should have made this conversion a long time ago.

RULE 1:  Make sure that you are using strictly portable programs in all critical tasks.

Machine Failure Delays

May 21, 2013

Yesterday, I had a major failure in my Hewlett Packard Windows based machine.  I have taken it to the local repair shop and hope that I can get it fixed.  Currently, I am working off of my Linux machine.  In as much as the current research and development activities are being performed on the HP machine, there will be delays in my activities.  Also, the needed recovery activities will take top priority;  there will probably be delays in my blog and responses.

On a good note, I believe that I have done a pretty good job at disaster recovery.  I will share my experiences with you on my blog.  I am thinking that I might prepare a seminar on disaster recovery from this process.