President Obama, We can help each other


I am semi-retired free-lance software engineer with hardware engineering experience.  I specialize in error-free software development. To provide this service, I developed a set of personal tools.  They are available free-of-charge from my web-site.

These tools and their defining technology enabled me to develop product at my home in strict compliance with principles of ISO-9001.

A home-based software development business can compute very favorable with foreign firms. Working at home greatly reduces the commuting cost and overhead of the employer. A company can get Set-Aside benefits from a home-based business which might be staffed by a former employee.

My technology and tools can be very helpful in solving our employment and economic problems.

I have been told by a number of knowledgeable people that doing business with the federal government is not a good idea. Reasons range from the inability to consider a radically different pioneering approach to the purchasing agents being rated on how much money they spend.

I hope that these people are wrong.  My software development technology is based on a hardware development analogy. Consequently, it is quite different than the current methods. Also, the use of home-based businesses will greatly reduce the cost of a project.  In many cases, it will be less than the micro-purchase level.

Are these people correct?  They are if history is allow to continue. Home-Based software engineers could significantly contribute to financial health of our country. What do you intend to do?  My technology and home-based engineering can help.

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