I have just received the bad new from the computer repair man. The machine cannot be repaired. I am not terribly disappointed.  This  was a rebuilt machine that lasted for five years.  I have order another one which should arrive in about a week.

What happens when I get it.   The first program that I plan to install is QuickBooks.  I hope that it does install properly; I don’t want to have to use my “beat-up” notebook computer.  Either way, I will export the files to a spreadsheet program.  Then I can use Open Office on the Linux machine.

The second program to be installed will be Microsoft Visual Studio, the third with be the Earthlink Protection Centre, and the fourth will be a new version of Open Office.

Why do I not load the Earthlink Protection software first?  I use my Linux machine on the internet, not my Windows machine. I will connect theinternet to the new machine when I need to make a download and no other time.

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