Disaster Recovery Progress Report

Relative to reconstructing  my accounting computer activity, It is now time to pay a credit card.  An Additional spread-sheet pages will be needed and its preparation will be next.  As a side note, all of my accounts are accessible on the internet and I can in real time confirm the successful payment of any bill or receipt of any payment.  The formal reconciliation of the account is no longer necessary.  Currently, I have applying this
verification method on my checking account.  I will now perform it on my credit cards also.  The reconciliation function of QuickBooks will no longer be needed.

I may be able to use the spreadsheet for my planning/log needs.  I have been currently using a very inexpensive and woefully inadequate Windows-based Program to accomplish this task.  If I can access text files from a cell, a much more efficient planning/logging process will be available.  More on this later.

I am aggressively pursuing Portability between the computers that are available to me (My Linux machine, the Windows-based computer at my sweetheart’s house, and my new Windows machine). Portability means that I can plug in flash drive and be able to perform my tasks normally.

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