Disaster Recovery Status

Progress with managing my accounts using the Open source spreadsheet continues.  Both of high usage credit cards have been brought up to date.

Each day TomBoy is being more useful as a planning/reporting system.  The fact that it produces an *.html output file may provide me with the opportunity of using the OpenOffice document as its portable substitute.  More on this latter.

Another big problem is Front Page.  If it cannot be installed on my new machine, I will have to restart my Programmable Software Development Environment web-site development program.  I may be able to get a Linux version to work until it is done.

Progress in my efforts to upgrade my downloadable Programmable Software Development Environment continues.  I am almost at the position that I was when my Hewlett Packard machine crashed.  When I get the new machine, I will attempt to re-install my Visual Studio program.  If unsuccessful, I will install the express versions which I think will be able to develop my command line programs.

I may receive the new machine on Wednesday of this week.

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