Computer Disastor Recovery Progress.

FedEx  has stated that I should be receiving my new Windows Machine today.  Once, I receive this machine, I can begin to complete this recovery process.

On my Firefox Web Browser, there is a Web-Site development tool.  It may be possible to upgrade my web-site using this tool.  Furthermore, there is a Firefox Web Browser for the Windows machine.  It also will probably have the Web-Site development tool.  That will result in a Portable Web-Site development process.  I will be able to eliminate my need of FrontPage.   I still have a Web-Development process using my Programmable Software Development Environment. It may not have to be on my recovery efforts.

I am beginning to review my blog activities.  Fairly soon, I expect to be able to get back to a normal publishing process.  Recovery will continue for a while; however, things are coming back to normal.  After this is all done, I am considering writing a disaster recovery seminar.

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