Open Source Software Development Tool: Upgrade Progress

The overall purpose of the current Programmable Software Development
Environment upgrade process is to certify that a product generated is
certifiably releasable.

To certify a software parts library, every command except the _ERROR
command defining a library must respond to a ‘<—‘ debug flag comment
at the end of a the command line. Specifically, when the debug flag is
present, the subject command will be executed first and then the
command data (command, arguments, and results) will be displayed and
then the operator will be given a option of terminated execution or

The _ERROR command must be corrected to equivalently respond to the
debug flag.

The major difference between the _ERROR command and all other commands
is that the debug flag will be processed before the command is executed.

The Programmable Software Development Environment will be modified so
that the _ERROR command will respond to the debug flag before
terminating execution.

SATURDAY: 2014/03/22

STATUS: I have made the necessary modifications to the precoper source
file and have found that these modifications were inadequate.

DETAIL: I am a victim of the phrase “all you have do is…”.  The
routines that I called in the precoper source file set the stage for
debug management routine that is called in the precsrce source files.
The debug management routines are only called for a continuing process,
not a terminating error condition.

NEXT TASK: Experimental modifications of the precsrce source file is
the next task.

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