Open Source Software Development Tool Error

An Programmable Software Development Environment system error has been

The WIN32 error message is as follows:

PCG ERROR: MacCert — 455
PCG ERROR: macproj — 2698
PCG ERROR: macproj — 315
PCG ERROR: devproj — 1400
PCG ERROR: mainprj — 1461
PCG ERROR: explrpde — 153

The LINUX error message is as follows:

PCG ERROR: MacCert — 474
PCG ERROR: macproj — 2717
PCG ERROR: macproj — 334
PCG ERROR: devproj — 1419
PCG ERROR: mainprj — 1480
PCG ERROR: explrpde — 172

SATURDAY: 2014/12/27

STATUS: Both a debug and release version of the original Programmable
Software Development Environment was successfully compiled and found to
be functional.

DETAIL: As before, the preparation of a CSS output file was very slow
due to the extensive use of the script library. Additional test will
be needed.

RESULTS: At this time, the LINUX compiler appears to be error free.

NEXT TASK: The next step will be to modify the certification routine to
produce a user error for any software parts file which does not have at
least one software part. A file with only _INCLUDE statements does not
have any software parts.


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