Open Source Software Development Tool Error

An** Programmable Software Development Environment system error has been

The WIN32 error message is as follows:

PCG ERROR: MacCert — 455
PCG ERROR: macproj — 2698
PCG ERROR: macproj — 315
PCG ERROR: devproj — 1400
PCG ERROR: mainprj — 1461
PCG ERROR: explrpde — 153

The LINUX error message is as follows:

PCG ERROR: MacCert — 474
PCG ERROR: macproj — 2717
PCG ERROR: macproj — 334
PCG ERROR: devproj — 1419
PCG ERROR: mainprj — 1480
PCG ERROR: explrpde — 172

FRIDAY 2015/02/27

STATUS: I restored what I thought was the original WIN32 version. I
compiled both a debug version and release version, and performed some
preliminary tests. To my surprise, I found that nothing changed. The
“restored” versions did not produce the subject error where as the the
production tool being used did.

DETAIL: This surprise caused me to very carefully re-examine the
associated routines, macproj, precmac, maccert, and crypto. I was
looking for a very subtle error or some old coding method no longer
supported and I got my next big surprise. Specifically, my archival
version was not the original version. I checked the Linux version and
it was the equivalent original version.

RESULTS: My version control practices failed! I have a primitive
version control implemented in the Programmable Software Development
Environment and it is woefully inadequate. Improving it will be high
on my priorities.

NEXT TASK: Ny next task will be to very carefully compare the
associated routines of the Linux version with the Windows version to
determine how extensive the version control error is. Once this is
done, I will probably attempt to upgrade the Linux version to see if
it’s original difficulties can be resolved.

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2 Responses to “Open Source Software Development Tool Error”

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  2. Latia Says:

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