Open Source Software Development Tool: Upgrade Progress

The purpose of this update task is improve capability of the Programmable Software Development Environment to certify that a product is error free and functions according to specification.

The current version control defines the status of the software parts files. Specifically, the alpha version is still being tested; the beta version still has code that needs to be tested; and the release version has been completely tested.

A Programmable Software Development Environment equivalent to the First Article Test and the Factory Acceptance Test needs to be developed.

SATURDAY: 2015/05/09

STATUS: I modified “testproj.src” to use the existing “crypto.src” routines and tested the resulting Programmable Software Development Environment version. It did not work. The initialization of the “crypto.src” system was not done before its use in “testproj.src”.

DETAIL: The “crypto.src” provides a capability of offering multiple random generators for various applications. This process must be initialized before use. Modifying the initialization process will probably seriously disturb the behavior of the associated parts commands.

NEXT TASK: The basic random generator contained in “crypto.src” is much better than the one used in “testproj.src”. My next task will be to explore the possibility of using the basic algorithm in “testproj.src”. Some relatively modification modifications of “crypto.src” will be needed.


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