Open Source Software Development Tool: Upgrade Progress

The purpose of this update task is improve capability of the Programmable Software Development Environment to certify that a product is error free and functions according to specification.

The current version control defines the status of the software parts files. Specifically, the alpha version is still being tested; the beta version still has code that needs to be tested; and the release version has been completely tested.

A Programmable Software Development Environment equivalent to the First Article Test and the Factory Acceptance Test needs to be developed.

FRIDAY 2015/05/29

STATUS: The Win32 version of “crypto.cpp” has been successfully modified so that it can be accessed by “testproj.cpp”

DETAIL: The modified “crypto.cpp” has been found to be functional on its current use.

NEXT TASK: The next task will be to equivalently modify the LINUX version of “crypto.cpp”.


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