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Disaster Seminar 3 — Computer Resource Failure Modes

July 31, 2015

Loss of Your Computer Resources results from:

1. Personal computer failure.

2. Remote computer service,

3. Power failure.

4. Internet failure.

5. Software failure.

6. Security failure.


Limitation to My Response to Your Comments

July 31, 2015

Every day I receive between 50 and 100 comments. Many of these comments request information or advise from me.

I appreciate the honour of your request for information.

Unfortunately, there is only one of me managing and writing the blog. Consequently, I simply do not have enough time to reply to each of your questions.

There are many comments that ask the same question. In these situations where I have the information, I will provide my knowledge in a post, time permitting.

I will respond to any comment made by a person who is experimenting with my software development tools.

Thank You

Robert Adams

Disaster Seminar 2 — The Most Ignored Serious Disaster

July 30, 2015

The Loss of Your Computer Resources

Why is this a major disaster?

Minimally. You will lose the ability to:

1. Manage your finances

2. Pay your bills.


The Deming Cycle — Everyone Should Know It.

July 30, 2015

The Deming Cycle, the historical basis for all Quality
Assurance Programs, helped Japan to recover after World
War II.

The Deming Cycle consists of four steps: Plan, Do, Check
the Results, and Alter the Plan if necessary.

The Deming Cycle is a good definition of common sense.
I have used it on many occasions without knowing it.

When applying the Deming Cycle, when do we learn new and
better ways of doing our task?

We learn during the fourth step of the Deming Cycle when
we Alter our Plan.

WHATIFWE were all taught the Deming Cycle as a part of
our public education?

Certifiable Test Methods

July 30, 2015

The activity associated with the development of certifiable test
processes will be presented in this blog.

The conditional test library has provided a good means of checking out
a library product. Currently, it does not produce a certifiable report.

A FAT (First Article Test) and FACT (Factory Acceptance Test) require
that a test report be prepared. Furthermore, this test report must
certifiable relative to the library product and that it has not be

THURSDAY: 2015/07/30

STATUS: The Conditional Test Library currently prepares a source file
for each set test condition for performing the specific test.

DETAIL: This source file is generated from the 128-Monte Carlo Test
bits in the “Define Test Step” of the Test Project. It has used in the
“Test Program Step”.

NEXT TASK: The subject library must be modified to render it capable of
preparing the report generation source in for the “Record Result Step”.
This report file must equipped with pseudo random parity bits to permit

Disaster Seminar 1 — Typical Natural Disasters

July 29, 2015

Every Location Has A Potential Disaster:

1. Tornado
2. Hurricane
3. Earthquake
4. Mud Slide
5. Flood
6. Tsunami
7. Brush Fires.


My Problems With LinkedIn.

July 29, 2015

I need to alert everyone that I do not have a working LinkedIn system.

I have made several attempts at correcting the problems without success.

People trying to connect with me on LinkedIn will be unsuccessful, no
matter how much I want to connect with them.

Life of A Programmer — Session 8.2 — Tools Help Make The Software Engineer

July 29, 2015

The Tool, if it is to be compliant of the principles of ISO-9001 must be capable of:

1.0 Developing a system of Standard Methods.

2.0 Exclusively using these Standard Methods in the development of product.

3.0 Testing all work-products from the Standard Methods all the way to the Product.

An experimental beta development system that satisfies these requirements is available on my web-site,

I have developed both a Linux and Windows Open Source version.

They can be downloaded free-of-charge.

The download has a fairly decent manual.


Blog Alerts May Become Annoying

July 29, 2015

Placing a request to be alerted when I make a post is not the best way to keep track of my activity.

I have made a lot of posts. Some of them are research reports which are individually written with the aid of my Programmable Software Development Tool. Others such as the seminars have been written some time ago and are periodically posted on my blog. Frequently, I will make as many as three posts on a single day.

As a consequence, you are going to get a lot of alerts which may become annoying to you.

Please may I suggest a better way of keeping track of my activities.

I recommend that you follow me on Twitter (@whatifwe2048). You will see that my tweets are the titles of my blog posts in the order of occurrence. You can then easily select the ones that you wish to read,

This approach will give you greater control over your internet traffic.

Life of A Programmer — Session 8.1 — Tools Help Make The Software Engineer

July 28, 2015

With the right development program, you can develop Error
Free Software.

There are some historical examples of this truth.

In the early 1960’s, Fortran was a major computing languages.

The Fortran compiler had a never ending bug list.

PL/1, the next major language, was far more reliable.

I used it at Lockheed for over five years and never encountered
any errors.

PL/I was designed in strict compliance with the principles of
simple precedence.