The Rules of Physic — a proposed Abstract.

My research efforts from 1985 (Oslo) to 1991 (Lille)
raised more question than it answered. Recently, I was
able to resolve these questions.

I have prepared a rather radical rough-draft article that
I am hoping that I can get published. The abstract
of this article is at the end of this message.

Please may I remind you that companies and organizations do
not make discoveries and inventions; Individuals do. May I
encourage you to turn off the TV set and work on your own
personal research project.


TITLE: The Rules Of Physics


Physics is a study of repeatable measurements which are for all intents
and purposes made by light. Each observer “owns” the light beams
associated with his observations and measurements and the velocity of
light is independent of the relative velocity of object being observed.

Each observer has access to exactly one coordinate system, his own.
Access to another observer’s coordinate system is made by a
communication instrumentation process which is accomplished by light.

Finally, mathematics is the language that defines the communication
between observers. It is not an expression of the truth from absolute
point of view.

I believe that these are the rules that define the field of physics.
Furthermore, I believe these rules may result in the discovery that an
object can have a velocity greater than light.

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