Can Programming Be Strictly Portable Relative To Language?

The activity associated with development of strictly portable methods of software development will be presented here. Included in this Portability effort will be Windows based C, C++, and Java; and Linux based C and C++, and Java.

SATURDAY: 2016/11/12

STATUS: The development of float decimal library has been started and it was quickly found the many forms of this number created a complex syntax processing problem.

RESULTS: I realized that I could restrict the format to two basic formats, one for float (7 numbers following the period) and the other for double (15 number following period). The period will be preceded by a + or – followed by a 0. The number will end with an e followed by a + or – and two integers. An example for the float number is -0.1234500e+11. An example for the double number is +0.112123489345158e-04.

NEXT TASK: The development software parts for the float library will continue using this restricted format.

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