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The Deming Cycle — Everyone Should Know It.

May 31, 2017

The Deming Cycle, the historical basis for all Quality
Assurance Programs, helped Japan to recover after World
War II.

The Deming Cycle consists of four steps: Plan, Do, Check
the Results, and Alter the Plan if necessary.

The Deming Cycle is a good definition of common sense.
I have used it on many occasions without knowing it.

When applying the Deming Cycle, when do we learn new and
better ways of doing our task?

We learn during the fourth step of the Deming Cycle when
we Alter our Plan.

WHATIFWE were all taught the Deming Cycle as a part of
our public education?

Life of A Programmer — Session 7.4 — How Do I Become a Quality Assurance Software Engineer

May 29, 2017


Relative to the operating system, use the old, well established
capabilities and minimize your interface.

Think of it in a similar manner as purchasing a new car.
If you purchase a radically new model, you will become an
unwilling member of the test team.

Similarly do not use a pipe if a file will do as well. Files
were developed long before the pipes.

An above all, do not use its multitasking capabilities unless
absolutely necessary. This capability can expose you to many
challenging problems.


The Purpose of My Blog

May 27, 2017

The original purpose of my blog was to provide me an easy
means of reporting my activity on my personally funded
research and development activities on error-free software
development methods.

I subsequently expanded the purpose of my blog to encourage
others to improve their skills by conducting their own
regular experimental process.

I became a software engineer in 1966 due to an experiment
that I had performed. I have never taken a course in
Software Engineering. You are encouraged to take a similar
path. If my tools can be of any benefit, they can be
downloaded free-of-charge from my web-site,

Blog Alerts May Become Annoying

May 27, 2017

Placing a request to be alerted when I make a post is not the best way to keep track of my activity.

I have made a lot of posts. Some of them are research reports which are individually written with the aid of my Programmable Software Development Tool. Others such as the seminars have been written some time ago and are periodically posted on my blog. Frequently, I will make as many as three posts on a single day.

As a consequence, you are going to get a lot of alerts which may become annoying to you.

Please may I suggest a better way of keeping track of my activities.

I recommend that you follow me on Twitter (@whatifwe2048). You will see that my tweets are the titles of my blog posts in the order of occurrence. You can then easily select the ones that you wish to read,

This approach will give you greater control over your internet traffic.


May 26, 2017

This purpose of this post is to publish single line status
reports on the projects performed during the week.




By removing the fcloseall statement in precfile subroutine and
correcting a number of errors in the make file, all of the
subroutines were successfully compiled. There is still problems
with the link statement of the make file and the need to replace
the fcloseall statement. The error detection capabilities of the
make file generator need to be upgraded.


The detailed presentation of the second Rule of Physics, “Your
Beliefs May Lead You Astray” has been started.




A request for suggestions relative to the link statement of
the make file has been made to the appropriate Apple Technical


The detailed presentation of the second Rule of Physics, “Your
Beliefs May Lead You Astray” has been been tentatively prepared.
A significant improvement in the strength of the conclusions
is required.




The detailed presentation of the second Rule of Physics, “Your
Beliefs May Lead You Astray” has been been modified as required
to improvement in the strength of the conclusions. A preliminary
detailed presentation of the third Rule of Physics, “The Value
Of Mathematics” has been prepared.




A preliminary detailed presentation of the third Rule of Physics,
“The Value Of Mathematics” has been reviewed. The final rules
are detailed in the “Einstein’s Postulates Re-Examined” which
has prepared. This completes the preliminary preparation
of the “The Discovery” which must be now aggressively reviewed.

The Computer Wisdom of Bugs Bunny

May 24, 2017

Do you remember the Bug’s Bunny cartoon where he pops out of the ground
in the middle of the desert and says “I think that I should have turned
left at Albuquerque”?

Mistakes always happen; some because of stupidity, some because of greed;
some because the required knowledge was not available, and some because
we are just human beings.

We are currently experiencing a great many security problems due to

The basic computer design that makes this possible has a common program
and data buss. Hackers can cause their program to be loaded on the target
machine via this common buss.

In the late 1970’s, there was a different computer design, the Harvard
Architecture with separate data and program busses. This architecture
cannot be hacked.

About 1985, the microprocessor became practical and the Harvard
Architecture became obsolete.

“Did we turn right at Albuquerque in error”? I believe so. Could
have avoided it? I think not. We could not have predict the future.

Should we re-vitalize the Harvard Architecture? I think the benefits
would greatly out-weigh the costs.

Life of A Programmer — Session 4.4 — How can you become more skilled than your fellow employees.

May 23, 2017


Each of your source code files should not be longer than
three or four pages.

Each source code file should have lots of descriptive

Each source code file should reference a section of
your plan.

Each variable name should be instantly identifiable.

Keep in mind that your source-code goal is to be able
to instantly relate to its design and use when you open
its file.

You might have to answer a question over the phone a year
after you complete the project.


How Do I Make My Blog

May 21, 2017

There have been quite a few requests for advice on
“how to build a blog”. As you can see from my blog, I have
prepared a lot of posts. Therefore, I have learned how
to do it efficiently.

There are some simple rules for making your blog easy
to prepare.

1. Have a well-defined purpose for your blog. For myself,
my blog was a means of publicly documenting my research and
development efforts.

2. Use a standard format. Then you can build a template
which will greatly facilitate its preparation. I use
my development software to write the blog.

3. Don’t get carried away with an artistic design. I use
the free WordPress. I do not use any pictures; all I
have to do is paste in the text. Above all, I did not
have to develop the blog web-site.

Above all, recognize that every post you publish will be
in the public domain forever. I have been very careful
to put just enough information to identify and date my
efforts but not to give away any proprietary data.

Hope that this helps.

My Comment Approval Criteria

May 20, 2017

Every day I receive between 50 and 100 comments requesting approval. There is only one of me managing the blog and hence must perform this function quickly and efficiently. To this end, each comment must:

1. Have a text message. For the most part, a comment with no text message will be deleted.

2. Be written in English using real words. I am not familiar with text message abbreviations.

3. Adhere to the basic principles of civilized behavior (I have had not problems with this so far).

4. Be consistent to the associated post and the purpose of the blog.

5. Be short. If it is over ten lines, I will delete it.

6. Not advertise any product, service or cause. I have been receiving a lot of promotions of solar panels for generating electric power which I have permanently deleted.

Thank You


May 19, 2017

This purpose of this post is to publish single line status
reports on the projects performed during the week.




The order of the compile statements were reversed and several
Make file generation errors were found. One was a name error
which was corrected immediately. The other which places the
wrong file extent (*.cpp instead of *.h) for the called
routines will be corrected next.




The detailed presentation of the first Rule of Physics has
been prepared. The required increase of the strength
of presentation was accomplished by restructuring the
paragraphs and choosing a proper title.




The extent error has been corrected. The revised make file
will be tested next.




The tests on the revised make file failed. The problem is
with a specific header file and re-arranging the header
file list to exactly duplicate the current Linux make
file did not solve the problem. A Careful examination of
the specific file and a search for An Apple make file manual
are needed.




The prehost.h was removed from the header list of the make file.
The make file now functioned properly with a number of object
files being generated. An error was encountered in the compilation
of the precfile source was being compiled; specifically the
system routine fcloseall was not recognized.