This purpose of this post is to publish single line
reports on the projects performed during the week.




The biggest problem with portability between the Linux, Microsoft and Apple
machine is the size of the tab character. Specifically, the size of the tab character
in the text editor in the Apple machine is 8-characters and is not resettable.
In the Windows and Linux machine where I am using the Notepad++ editor,
the tab character can be reset and is currently set at two. Today, I have found
isome equivalent text editors for the Apple machine which I can download
free of charge. This, obviously, is the next step in the machine portability efforts.



I downloaded an Apple “equivalent” to the Notepad+++ editor. It did not have
ability to change the size of the tab character. The best current solution to the
tab character size problem is to set the tab size of the Windows and Linux editors
at eight characters. I have also developed a softwarepartslibrary for replacing tab
characters with the equivalent number of blank characters.

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