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How Do I Make My Blog

September 30, 2018

There have been quite a few requests for advice on
“how to build a blog”. As you can see from my blog, I have
prepared a lot of posts. Therefore, I have learned how
to do it efficiently.

There are some simple rules for making your blog easy
to prepare.

1. Have a well-defined purpose for your blog. For myself,
my blog was a means of publicly documenting my research and
development efforts.

2. Use a standard format. Then you can build a template
which will greatly facilitate its preparation. I use
my development software to write the blog.

3. Don’t get carried away with an artistic design. I use
the free WordPress. I do not use any pictures; all I
have to do is paste in the text. Above all, I did not
have to develop the blog web-site.

Above all, recognize that every post you publish will be
in the public domain forever. I have been very careful
to put just enough information to identify and date my
efforts but not to give away any proprietary data.

Hope that this helps.

My Problems With LinkedIn.

September 28, 2018

I need to alert everyone that I do not have a working LinkedIn system.

I have made several attempts at correcting the problems without success.

People trying to connect with me on LinkedIn will be unsuccessful, no
matter how much I want to connect with them.


September 28, 2018



A major problem associated with the publication of an explrpde that
functions on the Windows, Linux and Apple machine has been solved.

Recently, on a backup Windows Machine, the Norton Security program
declared the explrpde a dangerous program and removed it.

This program has been developed a long time ago using Watcom C, C++
an obsolete development program; hence, no surprise.

This problem was solved by using a Windows based gcc compiler
(MinGW—W64-i686-7.3.0-posix-dwarf). This development system
can be downloaded free-of-charge.

Significant revisions to the Website and the Manual will be required.

The Experimental Process — Any One Can do It!

September 25, 2018

Many years ago, there was the HeathKit company.

It had for sale various electronics kits.

They sold amateur radio, television, instrumentation kits.

I bought my first personal computer from them. It was a Heathkit H89.

That computer was the beginning of my personal research effort.

This computer resulted in three overseas conference publications.

I have never taken any course in software engineering or electronics.

I have learned everything through an extensive experimental effort.

Would you believe it if I told you that every person knows how
to experiment.

No! Let me show you that it is true.

As soon as a baby gains enough strength to roll over and get his
tummy off of the floor, he crawls around and gets into things.

What does he do with them? He puts them in his mouth.

Did you ever think that a baby’s mouth is his best instrument at birth?

It has to be! Otherwise he won’t be able to eat.

You are not a little green guy from outer space.

You were once a baby. When you started to crawl, you put things
into your mouth.

Therefore, you basically know how to experiment.

I rest my case.

Disaster Seminar 2 — The Most Ignored Serious Disaster

September 24, 2018

The Loss of Your Computer Resources

Why is this a major disaster?

Minimally. You will lose the ability to:

1. Manage your finances

2. Pay your bills.


WhatifWe127 — My Internet Interface

September 22, 2018

Hopefully, this post will answer many of the questions that I have received about the Internet services that I am receiving.

First, please understand that I do not have a team. There is one of me and I am home based.

My Internet service is provided by Earthlink.

Recently I changed from DSL to a cable Internet communication process due to a major regional outage.

My blog is provided by the free WordPress site which may or may not add some advertising.

I also have a @whatifwe2048 Twitter site.

I designed my Website using Microsoft Front Page.

I have successfully accessed my web-site and blog on a LINUX, WINDOWS, and MAC machine.

Blog Alerts May Become Annoying

September 21, 2018

Placing a request to be alerted when I make a post is not the best way to keep track of my activity.

I have made a lot of posts. Some of them are research reports which are individually written with the aid of my Programmable Software Development Tool. Others such as the seminars have been written some time ago and are periodically posted on my blog. Frequently, I will make as many as three posts on a single day.

As a consequence, you are going to get a lot of alerts which may become annoying to you.

Please may I suggest a better way of keeping track of my activities.

I recommend that you follow me on Twitter (@whatifwe2048). You will see that my tweets are the titles of my blog posts in the order of occurrence. You can then easily select the ones that you wish to read,

This approach will give you greater control over your internet traffic.


September 20, 2018

This purpose of this post is to publish single line
reports on the projects performed during the week.




“SECTION 5 – A NEW DISCOVERY?”: Was reviewed. Minor modifications
were needed. The first example looked ok. The second example may
need pictures, The next step will be to review the second example pictures
in the associated Toastmasters speech


SPEECH 7B (“SECTION 5 – A NEW DISCOVERY?”) Was reviewed. The
pictures were good enough for presentation. The next step will be to convert
the second example pictures for inserting them into the book.


The overall objective is to prepare the command line program
for downloading a Win32, Linux and Apple version of the explpde
programming tool. The Linux section is now completely prepared.
The next task is to check, modify the windows section.



The overall objective is to prepare the command line program
for downloading a Win32, Linux and Apple version of the explpde
programming tool. The windows section is now completely prepared.
The next task is to update the manual to include an apple section.


The preparation of the “PREP_LIBRARY_WRITE_LIBRARY”
and the modification of the “PREP_LIBRARY_TAB_REMOVAL”
and “PREP_LIBRARY_TAB_WRITE” software parts have been
accomplished. The next task is to prepare a Library Preparation



The preparation of the “PREP_LIBRARY_BASIC_LIBRARY”
for building the basic library (one without any includes) has begun.


September 18, 2018

To be strictly compliant with ISO9001, Programmers must use enforceable standard methods and processes.

Assembly Language Programmers used macros for common multi-instruction processes. These macros, once developed, were never changed.

Software “breaks fatally” when it illegally writes. The error cannot be fixed and it might take the machine down.

There are many error detection code segments that programmers use during checkout and then remove before delivery.

I developed a C++ Macro Preprocessor to provide a highly competent macro capability to facilitate using error detection code.

WHATIFWE used C++ Macro Preprocessor and its Macros to implement the Standards required by ISO9001?

Disaster Seminar 1 — Typical Natural Disasters

September 17, 2018

Every Location Has A Potential Disaster:

1. Tornado
2. Hurricane
3. Earthquake
4. Mud Slide
5. Flood
6. Tsunami
7. Brush Fires.