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How I Protect My Proprietary Data

March 30, 2019
The original purpose of my blog was to provide me an easy
means of reporting my activity on my personally funded 
research and development activities on error-free software
development methods.

My research and development activities produces a large
quantity of proprietary data. How do I protect this data?
Simple! I do not publish it on my blog or any other web-sites.

The purpose of "reporting my activity" involves establishing
the date at which a particular task was accomplished. The
task is sufficiently identified to enable me to identify
the associated proprietary data and daily log which is
stored on my machines, flash drives, and DVD's.

Also, please let me remind you that when your machine is
not connected to the internet, hackers cannot access your

Limitation to My Response to Your Comments

March 29, 2019
Every day I receive between 50 and 100 comments. 
Many of these comments request information or
advise from me.

I appreciate the honour of your request for 

Unfortunately, there is only one of me managing 
and writing the blog.Consequently, I simply do 
not have enough time to reply to each of 
your questions.

There are many comments that ask the same 
question. In these situations where I have 
the information, I will provide my knowledge 
in a post, time permitting.

I will respond to any comment made by a person 
who is experimenting with my software development 

Thank You

Software “Breaks”!

March 26, 2019
A 17 year old sailor on a submarine must be able to
fix a critical piece of electronic equipment within
15 minutes.

Critical submarine hardware has the required subsystems
to facilitate the location of a failed replaceable components.

Most hardware these days has at least one computer within it.
This includes critical submarine systems.

Can the same 17 year old sailor on a submarine find and
correct a critical software failure within 15 minutes?

Does software "break"?  Not really. but software fails when
it illegally or incorrectly writes some data.

Programmers have many ways of preventing illegal writes which
they use in checkout and then remove before delivery.

WHATIFWE used formal illegal write prevention code in delivered

Disaster Seminar 8 — Disaster Preparation Requirements

March 25, 2019
Please keep in mind that:

  1. Both machines will probably not be broken at the same time

  2. A notebook can operate without 110 volt power.

  3. A notebook can be recharged in your car.

As a consequence, to Minimize the impact of a computer failure,

  1. The same applications must be on both machines.

  2. Current Data must be on both machines.


WhatifWe127 Blog — Web Browser Inquiries

March 23, 2019

There have been many comments and inquiries relative to Web
Browser and Display format problems relative to my blog and
website. I appreciate your comments but I do not have sufficient
time to individually respond to them. I have prepared this
post that will hopefully provide some answers.

Relative to the blog, I use the free Word Press blog site.
The only thing that I prepare is the text. I don’t have any
videos. I do attach pdf files containing my articles. I must
assume that WordPress is up-to-date relative to the various
Web Browsers and Displays. I have absolutely no control over
the format.

Relative to my website, I designed it a number of years ago
using Microsoft Front Page which is now obsolete. I would
assume that it would not behave properly on some of the newer
Web Browsers and Displays. I am currently redesigning it
using the CSS technology. I am using this need as a means of
building standard Web Site development kits and I cannot
at this time predict when this will be completed.

My Problems With LinkedIn.

March 22, 2019

I need to alert everyone that I do not have a working LinkedIn system.

I have made several attempts at correcting the problems without success.

People trying to connect with me on LinkedIn will be unsuccessful, no
matter how much I want to connect with them.

Resume Preparation: A Gigantic “Plumbing” Project

March 19, 2019

We all understand a Plumbing Project. This where a supposedly
simple task become a massive, complex effort.

One of the common “Plumbing Projects” in today’s environment
is the preparation of a resume.

Each resume must be customized to the target audience. This
effort usually takes several hours to complete.

Resumes are always needed: Job searches, contracts, professional
network, and volunteering activities.

The resume effort is made more complex due to the need to paste
it into a web-site window, discovered usually at the last moment.

I have been using my Programmable Software Development Environment
to maintain its manual. Its use has greatly simplified this task.

WHATIFWE used the Programmable Software Development Environment
to develop resumes? Would it help? Yes it does!

Disaster Seminar 7 — Disaster Preparation Goals

March 18, 2019

Our preparation goals must be to minimize the:

1. Preparation cost

2. Preparation time.

3. Time during a disaster without a machine.

4. Recovery Cost.

5. Recovery Time.


The Purpose of My Blog

March 17, 2019

The original purpose of my blog was to provide me an easy means of reporting my activity on my personally funded research and development activities on error-free software development methods.

I subsequently expanded the purpose of my blog to encourage others to improve their skills by conducting their own regular experimental process.

I became a software engineer in 1966 due to an experiment that I had performed. I have never taken a course in Software Engineering. You are encouraged to take a similar path. If my tools can be of any benefit, they can be downloaded free-of-charge from my web-site,

Blog Alerts May Become Annoying

March 15, 2019

Placing a request to be alerted when I make a post is not the best way to keep track of my activity.

I have made a lot of posts. Some of them are research reports which are individually written with the aid of my Programmable Software Development Tool. Others such as the seminars have been written some time ago and are periodically posted on my blog. Frequently, I will make as many as three posts on a single day.

As a consequence, you are going to get a lot of alerts which may become annoying to you.

Please may I suggest a better way of keeping track of my activities.

I recommend that you follow me on Twitter (@whatifwe2048). You will see that my tweets are the titles of my blog posts in the order of occurrence. You can then easily select the ones that you wish to read,

This approach will give you greater control over your internet traffic.