How Do I Make My Blog

There have been quite a few requests for advice on “how to build a blog”. As you can see from my blog, I have prepared a lot of posts. Therefore, I have learned how to do it efficiently.

There are some simple rules for making your blog easy to prepare.

1. Have a well-defined purpose for your blog. For myself, my blog was a means of publicly documenting my research and development efforts.

2. Use a standard format. Then you can build a template which will greatly facilitate its preparation. I use my development software to write the blog.

3. Don’t get carried away with an artistic design. I use the free WordPress. I do not use any pictures; all I have to do is paste in the text.

Above all, I did not have to develop the blog web-site. Above all, recognize that every post you publish will be in the public domain forever. I have been very careful to put just enough information to identify and date my efforts but not to give away any proprietary data.

Hope that this helps.

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