The Computer Wisdom of Bugs Bunny

Do you remember the Bug's Bunny cartoon where he pops out of 
the ground in the middle of the desert and says "I think that 
I should have turned left at Albuquerque"? 

Mistakes always happen; some because of stupidity, some because 
of greed; some because the required knowledge was not available, 
and some because we are just human beings.

We are currently experiencing a great many security problems due to

The basic computer design that makes this possible has a common 
program and data buss.  Hackers can cause their program to be 
loaded on the target machine via this common buss.

In the late 1970's, there was a different computer design, the 
Harvard Architecture with separate data and program busses.  
This architecture cannot be hacked.

About 1985, the microprocessor became practical and the Harvard
Architecture became obsolete.

"Did we turn right at Albuquerque in error"?  I believe so. Could
we have avoided it? I think not. We could not have predicted the 

Should we re-vitalize the Harvard Architecture?  I think the benefits
would greatly out-weigh the costs.

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