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Limitation to My Response to Your Comments

January 31, 2020

Every day I receive between 50 and 100 comments. Many of these comments request information or advise from me.

I appreciate the honour of your request for information.

Unfortunately, there is only one of me managing and writing the blog. Consequently, I simply do not have enough time to reply to each of your questions.

There are many comments that ask the same question. In these situations where I have the information, I will provide my knowledge in a post, time permitting.

I will respond to any comment made by a person who is experimenting with my software development tools.

Thank You

PROGRESS REPORT – 2020-01-30

January 30, 2020


Modifications to the typedef library parts has begun.
A part for defining the status typedef has been prepared.

The software parts associated with loading the sign and
unsigned typedef have been modified to eliminating the
empty value specification.

The typedef library parts for reading typedefs will be
modified next.


The preparation of the typedef library parts is complete.
The next step is to prepare the associated typedef library.


Modification of the typedef library preparation file and
the resultant library has been successfully accomplished.

Next task is to modify the associated test file and retest
the library.

The Most Important People In Our Society.

January 28, 2020

Who are the most important people in civilized society?

Are wealthy individuals the most important people in our
society? No, they are not.

Are celebrities the most important people in our society?
No, they are not.

Do religious organizations contain the most important
people in our society? No, they do not.

Are government officials the most important people in our
society? No, they are not.

The artisans and highly skilled professionals are the most
important people in any civilized society.

Nothing of any value gets done without the participation
of these highly skilled professional.

WHATIFWE increased the number of highly skilled home-based
pioneering professional software engineers?

Life of A Programmer — Session 5.3 — You are a Quality Assurance Manager

January 27, 2020

The Deming Cycle consists of the following four steps:
Plan, Do, Check the Results, and Analyze the Results.

A computer program is a very special Deming Plan to be
performed at the Client’s site on a computer.

There is a big different between Deming Plans done by
people and Deming Plans done by computers.

If people find a problem in the plan, they will stop the
activity and report the problem to management.

On the other hand, a computer will continue to execute
the plan, no matter how defective it is.

A software developer is a very special Q.A manager and
he does not even know it.


The Purpose of My Blog

January 26, 2020

The original purpose of my blog was to provide me an easy
means of reporting my activity on my personally funded
research and development activities on error-free software
development methods.

I subsequently expanded the purpose of my blog to encourage
others to improve their skills by conducting their own
regular experimental process.

I became a software engineer in 1966 due to an experiment
that I had performed. I have never taken a course in
Software Engineering. You are encouraged to take a similar
path. If my tools can be of any benefit, they can be
downloaded free-of-charge from my web-site,

My Problems With LinkedIn.

January 24, 2020

I need to alert everyone that I do not have a working LinkedIn system.

I have made several attempts at correcting the problems without success.

People trying to connect with me on LinkedIn will be unsuccessful, no
matter how much I want to connect with them.

PROGRESS REPORT – 2020-01-23

January 23, 2020


To determine what changes were needed to the element library, I reviewed its development history.

My original concept was to develop the element library as a standard for a specific project. I then developed
an array and structure library that used the elements
in this library. I planned to use the structures for all variables in the project.

Changes are still required in the element, array, and
structure libraries to fully implement this standard
concept. Specifically, a float decimal element cannot
have a value to indicate that it is empty where as the integer can. The float decimal element must have an associated integer which has contains status.

A further examination of the element, array, an structure libraries to determine the changes required
to manage the status of the float decimal variable.


I examined the element, array and structure libraries and determined that the best way to provide for the management of the status of the each element was to provide a second variable. In essence, the management of the integer elements will be accomplished in the same manner as the float elements. Modifications to the element library will now be started.


The element library was examined to determine the required changes needed to manage the status. For each element, a second integer variable is needed to contain the status. This variable is defined by a unique integer typedef which needs to be defined by typedef
library. Additional parts to define the status typedef
need to be added to the typedef library.


Software Engineers are Quality Assurance Managers

January 21, 2020

Have you ever noticed that Quality Assurance, ISO-9001,
and the Deming Cycle is taught only in Business Administration?

I have found that when Quality Assurance was taught in Engineering
Schools, it was in Engineering Management Classes.

Is Quality Assurance just an Engineering Management Problem? Is
a Software Engineer a Quality Assurance Manager?

Computer Programs are special Deming Plans to be Done at the
client’s site by a computer not by a human being.

Software Engineers are, in reality, Quality Assurance Managers.
For the most part, they do not realize this fact.

WHATIFWE taught Quality Assurance, ISO-9001, and the Deming
Cycle to all Engineers in our Engineering Schools?

Life of A Programmer — Session 5.2 — You are a Quality Assurance Manager

January 20, 2020

Q.A. is a management activity. It is taught in Business

You have a college degree in Software Engineering, not
Business Administration.

In spite of all of this, you are still a Quality Assurance

The Deming Cycle is the historical basis for all Quality
Assurance Programs.

It basically consists of the following four steps: Plan,
Do, Check the Results, and Analyze the Results.

A computer program is a very special Deming Plan to be
performed at the Client’s site on a computer.


How Do I Make My Blog

January 19, 2020

There have been quite a few requests for advice on
“how to build a blog”. As you can see from my blog, I have
prepared a lot of posts. Therefore, I have learned how
to do it efficiently.

There are some simple rules for making your blog easy
to prepare.

1. Have a well-defined purpose for your blog. For myself,
my blog was a means of publicly documenting my research and
development efforts.

2. Use a standard format. Then you can build a template
which will greatly facilitate its preparation. I use
my development software to write the blog.

3. Don’t get carried away with an artistic design. I use
the free WordPress. I do not use any pictures; all I
have to do is paste in the text. Above all, I did not
have to develop the blog web-site.

Above all, recognize that every post you publish will be
in the public domain forever. I have been very careful
to put just enough information to identify and date my
efforts but not to give away any proprietary data.

Hope that this helps.