PROGRESS REPORT – 2020-01-23


To determine what changes were needed to the element library, I reviewed its development history.

My original concept was to develop the element library as a standard for a specific project. I then developed
an array and structure library that used the elements
in this library. I planned to use the structures for all variables in the project.

Changes are still required in the element, array, and
structure libraries to fully implement this standard
concept. Specifically, a float decimal element cannot
have a value to indicate that it is empty where as the integer can. The float decimal element must have an associated integer which has contains status.

A further examination of the element, array, an structure libraries to determine the changes required
to manage the status of the float decimal variable.


I examined the element, array and structure libraries and determined that the best way to provide for the management of the status of the each element was to provide a second variable. In essence, the management of the integer elements will be accomplished in the same manner as the float elements. Modifications to the element library will now be started.


The element library was examined to determine the required changes needed to manage the status. For each element, a second integer variable is needed to contain the status. This variable is defined by a unique integer typedef which needs to be defined by typedef
library. Additional parts to define the status typedef
need to be added to the typedef library.


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