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July 27, 2018

This purpose of this post is to publish single line
reports on the projects performed during the week.



Common Class Routine Libraries

I began developing the software parts for the commonclassroutine library.
The need for a _BASIC_STRUCT_ALIAS_EXITS routine for
verifying the uniqueness of the Routine Name occurred.


Common Class Struct Library

A _BASIC_STRUCT_ALIAS_EXISTS software part was added to the commonclassstruct
library and thoroughly tested.


Common Class Struct Library

The include file and basiccommonclassstruct library have been prepared. It will be
tested when this library is used to test the commonclassroutine library



July 20, 2018

This purpose of this post is to publish single line
reports on the projects performed during the week.




The gcc version of the windows stndpcg and explrpde programs have been
successfully prepared and tested. Strict Portability between my linux, windows,
and apple machines has been achieved.



The certification tests of the CommonClassStruct has been completed.
The selection of the next development task must now be determined.


June 28, 2018

This purpose of this post is to publish single line
reports on the projects performed during the week.




A make file for the gcc version of the windows explrpde has been successfully
developed. The correction of expected errors will now begin. This will be
done using the gcc version of the windos stndpcg program.



I have been using Toastmasters as an experimental laboratory for developing
my book. The evaluation of my last speech suggested a significant update
to make my “speed of light” discovery more understandable. Today, I
discovered a possible understandable example, namely a traffic signal.
I have started developing the associated presentation.



The minor modifications of to the CommonClassStruct have been
implemented and certification test have been restarted.


January 5, 2018

This purpose of this post is to publish single line
reports on the projects performed during the week.




The classcommontypedef library has been successfully exported to
the apple machine. Its test file has been simplified with an utility
software part. An additional test to certify proper behavior for an
empty read sequence.


My Toastmaster Mentor and I both agree that my “RULES OF PHYSICS”
is has a conference/class room format and needs to be revised to be
more interesting and understandable. The revision process has been



An additional test to certify proper behavior for an empty read sequences has
been successfully developed and run on the Apple Machine. This project has
been successfully exported to the Windows and Linux machine. This library
is now usable on all three machines.



The Common Array class has been update and is now exportable. It has
not been tested yet.


September 29, 2017

This purpose of this post is to publish single line
reports on the projects performed during the week.




The names, float, and typedef software parts libraries have been
completely tested. Release versions are now available on both a Windows
and Linux machine.



The iMACS machine has been successfully repaired (hard drive replaced).
Gcc has been successfully downloaded and has been used for the first
time. An error has been found in the precfile routine. This error
is caused by differences in the Linux system utilities and the Apple
utilities, namely fcloseall does not appear to be in the Apple utilities.


September 22, 2017

This purpose of this post is to publish single line
reports on the projects performed during the week.




The requirement that every name must be unique has been
successfully implemented in the basic array software
parts library. The development of the structure software
parts library will be started. Individual variables will
be included.


A significate upgrade to the Prague section has been made
both in the fourth speech as well as the actual book. The
speech will be read out-loud again.

Can Programming Be Strictly Portable Relative To Language?

September 18, 2015

The activity associated with development of strictly portable methods of software development will be presented here. Included in this Portability effort will be Windows based C, C++, C#, and Visual Basic; and Linux based C and C++.

THURSDAY: 2013/09/17

STATUS: The write and verification test files have been prepare and are ready to be used to both check out and thoroughly test the common program output library.

DETAIL: This library has both the capability of writing an output file and verifying that a previously created file has not been modified.

RESULTS: The need to thoroughly test the library has resulted in test files that were much larger and more complicated than expected. The conditional test library needs to be upgraded.

NEXT TASK: The next task will be to prepare the test task definition files and start performing the tests.

Certifiable Test Methods

July 30, 2015

The activity associated with the development of certifiable test
processes will be presented in this blog.

The conditional test library has provided a good means of checking out
a library product. Currently, it does not produce a certifiable report.

A FAT (First Article Test) and FACT (Factory Acceptance Test) require
that a test report be prepared. Furthermore, this test report must
certifiable relative to the library product and that it has not be

THURSDAY: 2015/07/30

STATUS: The Conditional Test Library currently prepares a source file
for each set test condition for performing the specific test.

DETAIL: This source file is generated from the 128-Monte Carlo Test
bits in the “Define Test Step” of the Test Project. It has used in the
“Test Program Step”.

NEXT TASK: The subject library must be modified to render it capable of
preparing the report generation source in for the “Record Result Step”.
This report file must equipped with pseudo random parity bits to permit

Developing a Website using a software parts library

April 7, 2015

The activity associated with development of a software parts library for the development of a web-site will be presented here. This will be an extension of the library used to prepare Programmable Software Development Environment manual.

This effort was started a long time ago following the development of the manual software parts library. Its purpose was to eliminate the need for Front Page. It was subsequently put on hold so that other more important efforts could proceed.

Mr. Mike is a long time professional friend of mine who has recently offered to reconstruct my Web-Site. I told him my plan to use my tool to rebuild my site. He has had difficulties relating to my technology (It is quite different than normal programming methods) and I am not really skilled in Web-site design. We both felt that this might a great opportunity to make the technical connection.

TUESDAY: 2015/04/07

STATUS: Now that the Programmable Software Development Environment error has been corrected, this project will be restarted

DETAIL: A Programmable Software Development Environment system error was encountered while attempting to redefine the CSS software parts library from a set of small software parts libraries. This redefinition process will greatly improve the capability of thoroughly testing the resulting product.

RESULTS: The software parts files containing only the _INCLUDE commands, needed for this redefinition process, are now usable in all software parts library versions (experimental, alpha, beta, and release).

MY NEXT TASK: My next task is to develop a names management and communication library and integrate it into both the CSS and HTML software parts libraries.

Economical Rigorous Software Testing at All Levels

August 10, 2012

The ability to thoroughly and economically test software work-products at all levels is a necessary requirement of the error-free software development process.  The Programmable Software Development Environment has a Monte-Carlo (random generator) based test system which is capable of satisfying this requirement.

Historically, this tool has been very difficult to set up and hence has only been experimentally use. Recently, a library of software parts has been developed which greatly simplifies its use. As a consequence, it is being successfully used in the checkout and formal testing required in my portable software development research and development activity.

This blog will be used to focus upon on my test related research and development efforts.

FRIDAY: A local script only exists in the task in which it was created. It is discarded when this task is complete. A global script that calls a local script in a particular task will fail to execute in a subsequent task.  The associated error is now properly reported. The single line this script calling capability for global and local scripts has now been sufficiently tested that it can been used for manual development.

SATURDAY: To determine what additional changes are needed to the script software parts library, I need to answer the question: How much is the script going to simulate a macro?  In the past, I made a limited effort. Maybe a complete simulation is needed. I will re-examine this question

MONDAY: To make the script simulate a macro, I will need to improve the script calling arguments and return capabilities, and both the automatic and global data storage. I have tentatively decided to proceed with the update.  The script calling arguments will be first. The planned improvement will include a parameter capability for the _RUN_SCRIPT macro.