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Disaster Seminar 12 — But I Like Quick Books

April 22, 2019

I also liked Quick Books.

1. I used it for many years.

2. It was quite easy to use.

3. It worked only on my Windows machine.

4. There was no Linux Version.

Then my machine broke.

1. My version did not work on my new machine.

2. I scrambled to find a solution

3. Open Office proved to be the solution

a. There was a version for both Windows and Linux

b. The downloads were free of charge.

c. The files are identical on both machines.




My Comment Approval Criteria

April 19, 2019

Every day I receive between 50 and 100 comments requesting approval. There is only one of me managing the blog and hence must perform this function quickly and efficiently. To this end, each comment must:

1. Have a text message. For the most part, a comment with no text message will be deleted.

2. Be written in English using real words. I am not familiar with text message abbreviations.

3. Adhere to the basic principles of civilized behavior (I have had not problems with this so far).

4. Be consistent to the associated post and the purpose of the blog.

5. Be short. If it is over ten lines, I will delete it.

6. Not advertise any product, service or cause. I have been receiving a lot of promotions of solar panels for generating electric power which I have permanently deleted.
Thank You

Disaster Seminar 11 — Economical Software Solution

April 15, 2019

Open Source Software Products:

1. Downloadable free of charge.

2. Common applications are available.

a. Open Office

1. Word Processor

2. Spreadsheet

3. Presentation

4. Drawing.

5. Rough equivalent to Microsoft Office.


My Response to Large Quantity of Comments

April 12, 2019
I am the only one managing the blog and hence 
have a limited amount of time to do so.

If there are less than 100 comments, I will examine
each comment to determine whether I will approve it
or delete it.

If there are more than 100 comments, I will examine
and approve comments according the following rules:

For each group of twenty comments, I will:
  1.  Find the first one that I can approve.
  2.  Approve the selected comment.
  3.  Delete the remaining 19 comments.

Thank You for your understanding.

Disaster Seminar 10 — Cloud Computing Is Not A Solution

April 8, 2019
I have a cloud version of Quick Books.

  1. All I need is an internet connection.

  2. I can operate on any machine.

  3. I do not have to buy multiple copies.

You will lose your Cloud version of Quick Books if:

  1. You loose the internet.

  2. There is a disaster at the Quick Books facility. 


WhatifWe127 — My Internet Interface

April 6, 2019

Hopefully, this post will answer many of the questions that I have received about the Internet services that I am receiving.

First, please understand that I do not have a team. There is one of me and I am home based.

My Internet service is provided by Earthlink.

Recently I changed from DSL to a cable Internet communication process due to a major regional outage.

My blog is provided by the free WordPress site which may or may not add some advertising.

I also have a @whatifwe2048 Twitter site.

I designed my Website using Microsoft Front Page.

I have successfully accessed my web-site and blog on a LINUX, WINDOWS, and MAC machine.

My Invitation To You

April 5, 2019
I became a software engineer in 1966 due to an experiment
that I had performed.  I have never taken a course in
Software Engineering. Over the years, I have continued
to experiment on my own time and have greatly benefited
from this activity

In 1992, I became a home based software development business.
I developed a set of tools to aid me in my business activities.
These tools evolved over time and are now capable of helping
a software engineer to become a better, more competitive programmer.

I invite you to take a similar path. My tools can be downloaded
free-of-charge from my web-site, and they are
well documented.

Disaster Seminar 9 — Application Disaster Crisis

April 1, 2019
A broken machine means new application software.

  1. New machine has new, different operating system

  2. Your original software will probably not work.

  3. New Windows based software is expensive.

  4. Even an upgrade is expensive.

Two machines will need two copies of the same software

  1. Copyright rules limited use on several machines.

How do we economically replace software on

  1. A Replacement machine?

  2. The two machines needed to rapid disaster recovery?


Disaster Seminar 8 — Disaster Preparation Requirements

March 25, 2019
Please keep in mind that:

  1. Both machines will probably not be broken at the same time

  2. A notebook can operate without 110 volt power.

  3. A notebook can be recharged in your car.

As a consequence, to Minimize the impact of a computer failure,

  1. The same applications must be on both machines.

  2. Current Data must be on both machines.


WhatifWe127 Blog — Web Browser Inquiries

March 23, 2019

There have been many comments and inquiries relative to Web
Browser and Display format problems relative to my blog and
website. I appreciate your comments but I do not have sufficient
time to individually respond to them. I have prepared this
post that will hopefully provide some answers.

Relative to the blog, I use the free Word Press blog site.
The only thing that I prepare is the text. I don’t have any
videos. I do attach pdf files containing my articles. I must
assume that WordPress is up-to-date relative to the various
Web Browsers and Displays. I have absolutely no control over
the format.

Relative to my website, I designed it a number of years ago
using Microsoft Front Page which is now obsolete. I would
assume that it would not behave properly on some of the newer
Web Browsers and Displays. I am currently redesigning it
using the CSS technology. I am using this need as a means of
building standard Web Site development kits and I cannot
at this time predict when this will be completed.