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My Problems With LinkedIn.

October 18, 2019

I need to alert everyone that I do not have a working LinkedIn system.

I have made several attempts at correcting the problems without success.

People trying to connect with me on LinkedIn will be unsuccessful, no
matter how much I want to connect with them.


PROGRESS REPORT – 2019-10-17

October 17, 2019


“Class Preparation” Library

The functional test of the parameter library
continues. The functions for obtaining min, max
and empty values for integer variables has been
successfully tested in both the load and read
functions of the library.


“Class Preparation” Library

The functional test of the parameter library
is complete. Incorporating the parts of this
library into the arithmetic library will be started.

Life of A Programmer — Session 1.2 — Are You A Software Engineer?

October 14, 2019

Are you a software engineer? This sounds like a really stupid question!

How can a person with a college degree in I.T not be a software engineer?

A software engineer is a person who is defined by software engineering.

A software engineer does not just “do it” at work.

So I will repeat my question. Are you a software engineer?




Blog Alerts May Become Annoying

October 11, 2019

Placing a request to be alerted when I make a post is not the best way to keep track of my activity.

I have made a lot of posts. Some of them are research reports which are individually written with the aid of my Programmable Software Development Tool. Others such as the seminars have been written some time ago and are periodically posted on my blog. Frequently, I will make as many as three posts on a single day.

As a consequence, you are going to get a lot of alerts which may become annoying to you.

Please may I suggest a better way of keeping track of my activities.

I recommend that you follow me on Twitter (@whatifwe2048). You will see that my tweets are the titles of my blog posts in the order of occurrence. You can then easily select the ones that you wish to read,

This approach will give you greater control over your internet traffic.

PROGRESS REPORT – 2019-10-10

October 10, 2019

“Class Preparation” Library

The functional test of the parameter library
has been started and all of the parts associated
with loading the associated postoffice have been
successfully tested. The testing parts associated
with reading the data is next.

Life of A Programmer — Session 1.1 — Are You A Software Engineer?

October 7, 2019

Your interest in this seminar tells me that you have programming experience

You probably have a college degree in information technology or related subject.

You may have a software engineering job or are looking for one.

But are you a software engineer?


My Comment Approval Criteria

October 4, 2019

Every day I receive between 50 and 100 comments requesting approval. There is only one of me managing the blog and hence must perform this function quickly and efficiently. To this end, each comment must:

1. Have a text message. For the most part, a comment with no text message will be deleted.

2. Be written in English using real words. I am not familiar with text message abbreviations.

3. Adhere to the basic principles of civilized behavior (I have had not problems with this so far).

4. Be consistent to the associated post and the purpose of the blog.

5. Be short. If it is over ten lines, I will delete it.

6. Not advertise any product, service or cause. I have been receiving a lot of promotions of solar panels for generating electric power which I have permanently deleted.
Thank You


PROGRESS REPORT – 2019-10-03

October 3, 2019

“Class Preparation” Libraries

The preparation of the software parts defining the
classcommonconditional library has been started.  To
facility the development of this project, the parameter
library has been prepared to provide common functions
in both the arithmetic and conditional library has been
prepared, compiled, and is ready for test.  The
functional test will now be prepared.  


The functional test of the parameter has been delayed.
Additional changes are needed.  First, I eliminated the
need for specifying an alias name for defining the
postoffice.  I used the postoffice file name and access
code to define the name.  Additional modifications are
being considered.

The Twitter Seminar On The Development Of Error Free Software Concludes — Session 8

September 30, 2019


Requiring our programmers to be special Quality Managers? This would be a terrible inconvenience?

On one of my contracts, I had the opportunity to witness an attempt to become ISO-9001 certified.

There were two ISO-9001 certification meetings; the first with the software manager and the second with QA.

The software manager had no idea as to what his group could do to be compliant with ISO-9001.

The QA manager described the increased formality required to be compliant with ISO-9001.

The body language of my client’s employees told me that no one except management wanted ISO-9001 certification.

One of the requirements of ISO-9001 is the use of “Standard Processes and Methods”.

The use of “Standard Processes and Methods” means that management would control our programming efforts.

Would you believe it I told you that programmers are already using “Standard Processes and Methods”?

No I don’t! As long as I do my job, management leaves me alone. They create more problems than they solve.

Then would you believe it I told you that programmers create their own “Standard Processes and Methods”.

No? How many times have you prepared a new source file by modifying an old previously developed source file?

Your collection of sources files defines your “Standard Methods and Processes” that you use.

Will this help you to develop error-free software? Reflect on your experience. It already has.

WHATIFWE were to make a conscious Quality Assurance Effort? Will it help? Try it, sees what happens.

My Response to Large Quantity of Comments

September 27, 2019

I am the only one managing the blog and hence
have a limited amount of time to do so.

If there are less than 100 comments, I will examine
each comment to determine whether I will approve it
or delete it.

If there are more than 100 comments, I will examine
and approve comments according the following rules:

For each group of twenty comments, I will:
1. Find the first one that I can approve.
2. Approve the selected comment.
3. Delete the remaining 19 comments.

Thank You for your understanding.