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Open Source Software Development Tool: Upgrade Progress

July 23, 2013

It is planned to upgrade the Programmable Software Development
Environment to include the capability of reading the paste-in text
files where the each paragraph is one very long line.  You may need to
download the latest version of the Programmable Software Development
Environment to fully understand my reports.

The ability to read the paste-in text file is needed to certify that
the file has not been changed, was developed using the agree-upon
standard libraries, or has not been illegally copied.

TUESDAY: 2013/07/23

STATUS: The preparation and checkout of a basic break point routines
has accomplished.

RESULTS: Currently, I believe that the various forms which display
critical data at each breakpoint can be best implemented by a set of
software parts.

NEXT TASK: The next step is to prepare the required software parts and
to applied them to the various routines to be tested.