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The Most Important People In Our Society.

August 23, 2017

Who are the most important people in civilized society?

Are wealthy individuals the most important people in our
society? No, they are not.

Are celebrities the most important people in our society?
No, they are not.

Do religious organizations contain the most important
people in our society? No, they do not.

Are government officials the most important people in our
society? No, they are not.

The artisans and highly skilled professionals are the most
important people in any civilized society.

Nothing of any value gets done without the participation
of these highly skilled professional.

WHATIFWE increased the number of highly skilled home-based
pioneering professional software engineers?

Disaster Seminar 8 — Disaster Preparation Requirements

August 22, 2017

Please keep in mind that:

1. Both machines will probably not be broken at the same time

2. A notebook can operate without 110 volt power.

3. A notebook can be recharged in your car.

As a consequence, to Minimize the impact of a computer failure,

1. The same applications must be on both machines.

2. Current Data must be on both machines.


WhatifWe127 Blog — Web Browser Inquiries

August 20, 2017

There have been many comments and inquiries relative to Web
Browser and Display format problems relative to my blog and
website. I appreciate your comments but I do not have sufficient
time to individually respond to them. I have prepared this
post that will hopefully provide some answers.

Relative to the blog, I use the free Word Press blog site.
The only thing that I prepare is the text. I don’t have any
videos. I do attach pdf files containing my articles. I must
assume that WordPress is up-to-date relative to the various
Web Browsers and Displays. I have absolutely no control over
the format.

Relative to my website, I designed it a number of years ago
using Microsoft Front Page which is now obsolete. I would
assume that it would not behave properly on some of the newer
Web Browsers and Displays. I am currently redesigning it
using the CSS technology. I am using this need as a means of
building standard Web Site development kits and I cannot
at this time predict when this will be completed.


August 19, 2017

For many years, I have used the Microsoft Codeplex site for my Programable
Software Development Environment project from which my current tools
could be downloaded.

Microsoft will shut down CodePlex in month of December and will no longer
be able to contain updated versions of my tools in October. There may
be another site which will replace CodePlex.

You can always my current Software Development tools from my website,


August 18, 2017

This purpose of this post is to publish single line
status reports on the projects performed during the week.




The second section of the book is being tested and corrected
by preparing it for a reading at a Toastmasters meeting.


A second attempt at preparing a working MAK for my protability
tool will be made. The nano editor, designed for use in the
terminal, will be used as the interface between the make file
generated in a Linux machine and one suitably formatted for
the IMACs machine.

Software Engineers are Quality Assurance Managers

August 16, 2017

Have you ever noticed that Quality Assurance, ISO-9001,
and the Deming Cycle is taught only in Business Administration?

I have found that when Quality Assurance was taught in Engineering
Schools, it was in Engineering Management Classes.

Is Quality Assurance just an Engineering Management Problem? Is
a Software Engineer a Quality Assurance Manager?

Computer Programs are special Deming Plans to be Done at the
client’s site by a computer not by a human being.

Software Engineers are, in reality, Quality Assurance Managers.
For the most part, they do not realize this fact.

WHATIFWE taught Quality Assurance, ISO-9001, and the Deming
Cycle to all Engineers in our Engineering Schools?

Disaster Seminar 7 — Disaster Preparation Goals

August 15, 2017

Our preparation goals must be to minimize the:

1. Preparation cost

2. Preparation time.

3. Time during a disaster without a machine.

4. Recovery Cost.

5. Recovery Time.


The Purpose of My Blog

August 14, 2017

The original purpose of my blog was to provide me an easy
means of reporting my activity on my personally funded
research and development activities on error-free software
development methods.

I subsequently expanded the purpose of my blog to encourage
others to improve their skills by conducting their own
regular experimental process.

I became a software engineer in 1966 due to an experiment
that I had performed. I have never taken a course in
Software Engineering. You are encouraged to take a similar
path. If my tools can be of any benefit, they can be
downloaded free-of-charge from my web-site,

Limitation to My Response to Your Comments

August 12, 2017

Every day I receive between 50 and 100 comments. Many of these comments request information or advise from me.

I appreciate the honour of your request for information.

Unfortunately, there is only one of me managing and writing the blog. Consequently, I simply do not have enough time to reply to each of your questions.

There are many comments that ask the same question. In these situations where I have the information, I will provide my knowledge in a post, time permitting.

I will respond to any comment made by a person who is experimenting with my software development tools.

Thank You


August 11, 2017

This purpose of this post is to publish single line
reports on the projects performed during the week.




I have been taking my Apple course relative to the use of the
Terminal. I have also found a “UNIX-bash” manual which I downloaded
and library book which I reserved.

My software development tool is designed to work
in both the Windows and Linux terminal. I want it to work
on the apple terminal and am trying to find a means to use
the gcc development package to development the equivalent tool.




I have started revising “New Discovery?!” section and will
be reading a section at the next Toastmasters meeting. Reading
the book out loud at a Toastmasters meeting is a great way
of improving its quality.




A Minor modification to facilitate the detection of previously
defined alias has been implemented and tested. This will render
it possible to reject an identical aliases in other software parts
library such as the array software parts library


The preparation of the software parts associated with the
Array software parts library has been started.