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Developing a Website using a software parts library

September 29, 2013

The activity associated with development of a software parts library
for the development of a web-site will be presented here. This will be
an extension of the library used to prepare Programmable Software
Development Environment manual.

This effort was started a long time ago following the development of
the manual software parts library. Its purpose was to eliminate the
need for Front Page.  It was subsequently put on hold so that other
more important efforts could proceed.

Mr. Mike is a long time professional friend of mine who has recently
offered to reconstruct my Web-Site.  I told him my plan to use my tool
to rebuild my site.  He has had difficulties relating to my technology
(It is quite different than normal programming methods) and I am not
really skilled in Web-site design. We both felt that this might a great
opportunity to make the technical connection.

SATURDAY: 2013/09/28

STATUS: With the help of Mr. Mike, I have began to make a software
parts development plan.

MR_MIKE_CONTRIBUTION: Mr. Mike has helped me to find a base of
information from which I have been able to answer many of my questions.

DETAIL: One of the fundamental rules of this technology is to minimize
the amount of data that needs to be entered to build the web-site. for
example, the web site ( and author’s name appear in
the <head> sections for each of the web-site pages.  In the software
parts library used to development the .html Programmable Software
Development Environment manual, there is set of parts that load these
common elements into a dictionary for use at a later time.

NEXT TASK: The development of the software parts needed to load the
common elements into a dictionary will be started. The *.html code
needed to prepare web page <head> section will be prepared. The common
data for all of the web-pages will be included. Only the title will
need to be entered when preparing the individual pages.