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Computer Disastor Recovery — Progress Report

June 16, 2013

An updated  debug version of the Programmable Software Development  Environment is now functional.  The Open Watcom debugger appeared to be some-what limited, but it did help with the correction of errors in the new prime number generator.  The other error were found by my aggressive error detection software.

I attempted to install the Open Watcom software on my Linux machine.  I was unsuccessful.  Probably something that I should know but didn’t.In as much a I have a working development system on the Linux machine (the debugger is terrible but usable) I will discontinue the Open Watcom Linux installation process at this time.

I plan to restart upgrading the Programmable Software Development Environment to include the reading of very long lines.  This development process was halted when the Window’s machine died.  I will publish this system as a new version once this upgrade has been made and tested.

My next major recovery effort is to find and install a portable web-site development program.  I need to eliminate the need for Front Page.