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Computer Disaster Recovery Progress

June 7, 2013

The recovery process is progressing normally.

The new hardware seems to be functioning properly.

The accounting process is returning to normal.  It is important to note that Quick Books, although being a very convenient program, is not portable between Windows and Linux. Furthermore, the program developed for Windows XP might not migratable up to Windows 7 (I did not try it).  If you have two or more  machines, it is very important that your accounting program must be strictly portable between them.  Then if you have a machine failure, you will not experience any delays or problems with continuing with your book-keeping activities.  I am now using Open Office.

The new IDE seems to be functioning properly.  It seems to be a bit more fussy than Microsoft Visual Studio. Lots of warnings and some difficulties recognizing my Prime Number subsystem which was built with a different, experimental programmable software development tool.  It is time to eliminate these warnings and to redevelop the prime number subsystem using the current programmable software development tool.

At the present time, I do not know if I am making an upgrade to my Programming Software Development Environment, explrpde, or just recovering from a computer environment  I suspect that I might be improving it.