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Open Source Software Development Tool: Upgrade Progress

February 27, 2013

It is planned to upgrade the Programmable Software Development
Environment to include the capability of reading the paste-in text
files where the each paragraph is one very long line.

The ability to read the paste-in text file is needed to certify that
the file has not been changed, was developed using the agree-upon
standard libraries, or has not been illegally copied.

WEDNESDAY: 2013/02/27

STATUS: At the present time, my buffer writing capability is restricted
to one file at a time.  It is my current belief that it should be the
same for the buffer reading capability. Furthermore, I currently do not
believe that both reading and writing at the same time will be needed.

DETAIL: The history of the buffer writing commands is important. It was
originally prepared so that I could write make files using the
Programmable Software Development Environment. The make file uses the
tab character. This capability was subsequently enhanced to be able to
write the very long paste-in lines.

NEXT TASK: An set of commands for reading a text line using the buffer
resource will now be defined. These commands will be an extension of
the previously defined write commands.